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About Us

Beach Barrister is an educational site that teaches vital legal concepts in a fun, fresh, and engaging way!

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Beach Barrister

We are an educational forum. We are NOT a law firm.

Beach Barrister is not a law firm; therefore, we do not counsel individuals based upon their personal legal needs. However, Beach Barrister provides the first step in the educational process. It is a forum that offers fundamental legal information, so every person is given the opportunity to generally understand the laws that impact us all.


So cast ye fears aside, Landlubbers, and come aboard as we embark on a voyage of legal discovery! Join us as we sail into estate planning and other elder law topics!

About Us

What is Beach Barrister?

We help you understand the basic legal concepts of estate planning and other elder law topics in a fun, engaging way through our videos, articles, and blogs! In addition, Beach Barrister offers and fosters a supportive online community for people to connect! Whether you're just starting your voyage of legal discovery or you're a caregiver to an aging parent, you don't need to sail alone on your journey; join our Online Community today!

Who is Beach Barrister for?

Beach Barrister is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of estate planning and other elder law topics in an encouraging and entertaining environment. 


Legal planning is a necessary life skill that immediately arises at the dawn of adulthood. Most children are no longer under the legal authority of their parents at the age of majority, which is 18 years old in most states. We encourage high school graduates to start learning legal fundamentals, such as a Durable Power of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogate, and Living Will because these laws do impact them.


Beach Barrister isn’t just for young adults. As we move through the age spectrum, it’s never too late to understand the fundamentals of estate planning and other elder law topics! There is no age limit to learning the importance of legal life planning!



What’s Up with the Pirate Theme?

First of all, why not a pirate theme? Beach Barrister was established in the state of Florida, and it doesn’t take much for Floridians to pirate-up! Our love for all things buccaneer shines in our annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, professional football team, pirate cruises, and pirate museums!


“Law” and “fun” aren’t two words typically associated with each another. Let’s just say it: Law can be intimidating, boring, confusing, and hard…until now! Beach Barrister offers a truly unique approach to legal learning. At Beach Barrister, we want you to find buried treasure, not walk the plank!


The Beach Barrister website has been specifically designed to maximize fun, which optimizes learning. Research shows that individuals learn better when they are joyful, engaged, and relaxed. (Check out our super-interesting article, Estate Planning & the Psychology of Learning here!) In this light, Beach Barrister gives a whole new meaning to the words “Jolly Roger!”


Let’s face it, the topics of ill-health, dying, and death are difficult. It’s no mystery why these tough subjects promote procrastination in planning. At Beach Barrister, we do our best to move you past the stigma surrounding these sensitive topics by creating a relaxing learning environment.


Truly, the world doesn’t need more videos of a lawyer, sitting behind a desk in really bad lighting, speaking “legalize.” We take you out of that stale office atmosphere, and we sail to the tropics! Based upon the principles of ecopsychology, each video will start with a scene from nature. (Learn more about Estate Planning & Ecopsychology here!) This one minute of serenity is called our "Peaceful Prelude." Whether it's sand, surf, flora, or fauna, we invite you to take a moment to breathe—and to clear your mind from all the stressors of daily life—before we cruise into another legal port-of-call.



What Beach Barrister is NOT

Beach Barrister is NOT a law firm. We do NOT legally counsel individuals based upon their specific life circumstances or planning goals.


Beach Barrister is NOT a substitute for legal counsel. We highly encourage every viewer of this site to seek a local, licensed, reputable attorney to assist you with your state-specific laws, planning goals, and execution of documents.


Beach Barrister is NOT a political forum. This website is NOT a venue for political statements or opinions. To preserve our positive educational environment, we reserve the right to remove postings with politically-charged language without notice. 

About Us Section

Mission Statement

To connect and empower our community with fundamental legal knowledge through accessible and engaging education, which inspires understanding and encourages action, while promoting awareness of elder law issues.

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About the Captain

Michelle L. Revelt, Esq., LL.M.

As an associate attorney practicing in elder law firms, Michelle identified the need to educate the general public about the importance of estate planning, as well as other elder law topics, which are fundamental life skills omitted from our traditional school curriculum. Few people know that elder law isn't just for the elderly! A fundamental foundation in these topics promotes the awareness of legal planning before a health crisis hits at any age.

While working with clients and their families, Michelle also saw a critical need for a supportive online community for people impacted by elder law issues. Caregivers of aging parents are a very special, growing segment of our population, who often feel isolated by their circumstances. The Beach Barrister Online Community was created as a safe haven for them to connect and to find strength in one another as we learn legal concepts associated with aging.

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About the Captain

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